Sonny Clary Collection

      Crosbyton, Texas Fireball 2016 page 2

It is hard to explain the excitement of being one of the first persons to see an object that has travelled through space for 4.5 billions years and is now lying in front of you on the ground. The meteorite was in pristine condition with rich black fusion crust. Upon closer inspection, we could see metal flakes on the fusion crust and a very unusual looking small shiny corner which could be compared to wet tar. 

The success of this hunt was the result of the combined efforts of many individuals including; Rob Matson and Marc Fries who are experts at using doppler radar data and seismic data to triangulate the fall area, Mike Hankey and his AMS website, the many eyewitnesses who called in to report the sightings, valuable input from interested individuals who contributed camera data, and the generosity of the land owners for allowing us to hunt their land.

The meteorite will be submitted for classification to Dr. Rhiannon Mayne curator of the Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection and Gallery at Texas Christian University.