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Sonny Clary Collection



Stone meteorites are the most common type of meteorites recovered.  94.3 percent of all meteorites found today are stone meteorites / chondrites .  Achondrites make up 8.2 percent of these statistics . Stony Irons make up 1.1 percent and Iron meteorites make up

4.7 percent of all finds.  The pictures below represent many of my finds from the Southwest deserts. The meteorites are in various stages of classification,  many of the localities are being withheld until field work and scientific studies are completed. I have started to photograph the cut surface on many of the meteorites. It is always exciting cutting a new find, you never know what the interior of a meteorite may hold.

4.4g find Pictures >>New_Cold_Find.html
20.3g  suspected Achondrite >>Sonny_Clary_Nevada_2013_meteorite_finds_2.html