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Sonny Clary has been a  professional firefighter in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1987. Sonny became interested in meteorites after watching a Discovery Channel program. He began to hunt for meteorites and quickly became a successful hunter.

During the last decade Sonny has discovered significant strewnfields and new meteorites in the desert Southwest. Several of his discoveries are already recognized in the Meteoritical Bulletin. They include Coyote Springs, Starvation Flat, Palo Verde Mine, Chicago Valley, Blue Eagle, Moapa Valley and Yelland Dry Lake. Just one of those strewnfields produced 175 pounds of meteorite fragments and finds are still being made at that location. Sonny has donated over one hundred pounds of meteorites to educational outreach programs for children in the United States and Great Britain. He donated 31 lbs of meteorite fragments, found in the Nevada desert to TCU’s Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Gallery to be used for educational outreach. Sonny has donated samples of his significant finds to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History as well as several Universities in the United States.

Two of Sonny’s discoveries are extremely rare. Blue Eagle an R3-6 rumuruti chondrite and Moapa valley an extremely rare CM1 carbonaceous chondrite. These two meteorites are the only meteorites of their classification to have been found in the United States.

Sonny also investigates fireball sightings and has been able to locate meteorites with the aid of  Scientists who use Doppler radar technology.

Sonny has contributed articles to several meteorite publications including; Meteorite Times, Meteorite Magazine The International Quarterly of Meteorites and Meteorite Science as well as Meteorite Hunting and Collection magazine.  He has been included in several meteorite related books including; Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by O. Richard Norton and Lawrence Chitwood, What’s so Mysterious about Meteorites by O. Richard and Dorothy Norton, Rock Star adventures of a Meteorite Man by Geoffrey Notkin and Meteorite Hunting how to find treasures from space by Geoffrey Notkin.

Sonny was a guest on three seasons of the Meteorite Men television series. He also participated with the Cash and Treasures TV program and will be in an upcoming TV show which will be announced at a later date.

Sonny is often accompanied in the field by his specially trained German Shepherd Brix. Using techniques for training cadaver dogs and adapting them to meteorites, Sonny has trained Brix to recover freshly fallen stone meteorites, notably a 205 gram find in Mifflin, Wisconsin only 82 hours after the fireball exploded on April 14, 2010.

Sonny’s most recent finds include meteorites from a

historic witnessed fireball near Casa Grande, Az. This

is  Arizona’s second witnessed meteorite fall.

With the help of doppler radar in 2013 Sonny and his hunting partners were able to discover meteorites from this event.