Sonny Clary Collection




I would have to say without a doubt meteorite hunting is my favorite pastime.

“ Every meteorite hunting trip is an adventure in itself ” . You never know

where or when the next

fireball or meteorite hunt

may take you. It is very exciting to have the chance to recover  an object that has traveled through the universe and could be up to 4.5 billion years old .

To view  some of my

finds visit the

Ordinary Chondrites Page

“ November 18, 2009 Fireball Investigation ”

“ Driving across Texas with nowhere to go “



Wisconsin Fireball April 14, 2010

A large fireball was seen across parts of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. The fireball was moving from the West to the East. As the meteor traveled across the horizon sonic booms could be heard throughout the area.

             Nevada Stone chondrite

  Historic Arizona Fireball from  June 1998   Discovered Feb 2013.
             2013 desert meteorite findSonny_Clary_Nevada_2013_meteorite_finds.html

                          “ A new meteorite find in Nevada “

  Crosbyton,Texas Fireball 
  February, 2016.Crosbyton_Texas_Fireball_2016.html