Sutter’s Mill, CA Fireball April 22, 2012


Sonny Clary Collection


April 22, 2012 a large fireball was was seen over Nevada and California. At 7:51 a large

explosion was heard over California and as far away as Las Vegas Nevada. The energy

of the explosion was estimated at a whopping 3.8 kilotons of TNT ( about one fourth the energy of the “ Little Boy ” bomb dropped on hiroshima ). The calculated weight of the meteor was 70 metric tons or about the size of a minivan.

Within hours of the meteor exploding over California, Doppler Radar Weather data was being used to create a Debris / strewnfield map. Marc Fries and Rob Matson used the

doppler data to pinpoint the location. Marc Fries webpage > Radar Obs of Meteor Events meteorite falls on weather radar.

On the morning of April 25, 2012 the first two pieces of the meteorite were recovered by  Professonal Meteorite hunter Rob Ward with the use of  Doppler Radar data.

    “ The Crew “  Mike Miller, Bob Cucchiara, Rubin Garcia, Sonny Clary and Brix.

       Note the sixth team member  Stan had already took off hunnting and was no where to be found.

The strewnfield was covered with tall grass and posion oak. The only areas with very little poison oak were the large pastures. As you gained in elevation the poison oak seemed to be everywhere.