Sonny Clary Collection


Elgraria Multicarinata Multicarinata AKA ( California Aligator lizard ). These lizards could be found throughout the strewnfield. Many of the local residents recommended being very carefull while walking through the tall grass due to the Rattlesnakes coming out of hibernation at this time of the year.Two of our team members soon found out how true this threat was. Mike and Stan were walking along a trail lined with tall grass when a hiss was followed by a near miss strike. The 3’ Diamondback missed Mike’s leg by 8 -10”.

Brix and I in front the monument marking the the actual site of the original mill along the South Fork of the American River.

  Sutter’s Mill,CA Fireball April 22, 2012

      Sutter’s Mill 8.4g meteorite in situ and close up. 4-27-2012 found by Sonny Clary